New beginnings

New beginnings..
where do you start
or will they just appear
like a blank piece of canvas
for a new piece of art

What will you paint ?
About love or about friendship ?
A new opportunity ?
Or do you feel a kinship ?

A new world reveals
through effort and time
what it will be
and if it will climb

As the painting evolves
with bright vibrant colors
your mind starts to work
as your soul starts to holler

New things to discover
new knowledge to be found
new bonds to be forged
curiosity unbound !

What will you create
and will it succeed
however it unwinds
it must be what you need

Whatever happens
you will be the wiser
for closing a gap
for showing that courage
and taking that step !

#Written by Puur Alicia

Geplaatst in Gedichten en Gedachten.